On this page, you will find some resources that will help you teach the Primary Sabbath School lessons. The teacher guide, and some of the other materials, have been printed and given to you as part of this pilot. Thus, you will not find all resources here, even though the teacher guide may direct you to the AIJ website. When the curriculum is launched, all materials will be made available online.

Teacher Training Video

What do I need to keep in mind when preparing to teach the Alive in Jesus Primary teacher guide? Watch this short video for a brief explanation, and refer to the printed teacher guide as you watch.




Download the weekly craft templates and other resources you will need to teach each lesson. Refer to the teacher guide to know how many copies you will need.

Mission Facts

The Thirteenth Sabbath offering this quarter will support six projects in the East-Central Africa Division. Find 13 weekly facts to share with your children here.

Please click the link below to complete the survey. The survey will be closed on April 30. If your church has not finished the pilot by this time, please still complete the survey. Thank you!